A Dash of Sunshine is the sixth episode of Series 2 of Death in Paradise.

There is an unwelcome blast from the past for DI Richard Poole when a former colleague turns up in Saint Marie. Will an extra detective on the Caribbean island prove to be a help to Richard and the team as they try to explain a seemingly random killing, or a hindrance?

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When an English tourist, June Anderson, is found dead in a luxury rented villa strangled by her own scarf, it seems a robbery gone wrong. Detective Inspector Richard Poole suspects her husband, Doug Anderson, a corrupt former colleague from Richard's old police department in London. Annoyed by his presence, Richard is frustrated by Doug's watertight alibi. Attention turns to the victim's sister and Doug's former girlfriend, Janice Palmer, who inherits June's fortune. The villa’s owners, Will Teague and Ronnie Stuart, act suspiciously.

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