Detective Sergeant Angela Young appears in 1:6 An Unhelpful Aid. She is played by Shirley Henderson.

She is a Detective Sergeant of the British police, who in 2011 was briefly loaned to the Saint Marie police force, where she served as superior to Dwayne Myers and Fidel Best in the absence of Richard Poole and Camille Bordey . This was unplanned and was done in reaction to a murder committed on the island while Young was there on holiday. Young oversaw the investigation to its conclusion (though it was an ill Poole who ultimately solved the case) at which point her attachment to the Saint Marie police force was concluded and she returned home.


Angela Young was on Holiday in 2011 on Saint Marie, when she was approached by Commissioner Selwyn Patterson , who asked her to step in as acting Chief of the Honoré police, as Richard Poole was incapacitated with fever and Camille Bordey was in Paris on a course, leaving only Officers Fidel Best and Dwayne Myers to investigate the mysterious death of local diver Benjamin Lightfoot. Young, bored by the slow pace of the Island, eagerly accepted and took command of the investigation which quickly indicated that Litefoot's death was in fact murder.

However Young proved perhaps more of a hindrance than a help to the investigation, behaving very condescending to the local officers, demanding they address her respectfully (believing her rank of DS inherently made her smarter and better than the local constables), despite her habit of addressing Fidel condescendingly as 'Freddy'. In addition, she showed a reliance on raw data as opposed to the more intuitive style used by Poole (or Hulme's more secretive style) and did little to directly forward the investigation herself, mostly only acting in relation to either lab reports or work done by Dwayne and/or Fidel.

Ultimately she reached the wrong conclusion based on the evidence and was in the process of accusing an innocent man, when Poole (who had been kept up to date during his lucid moments by Dwayne and Fidel) arrived despite his illness and demonstrated the holes in her theory, culminating with him unmasking and arresting the true murderer.Young then left Saint Marie both angry and humiliated by this failure.

Young is the 3rd Chief of the Honoré police seen within the show, but as her assignment was a cover for the ill Poole and the absent Bordey, her tenure was easily the shortest, with her in the position for only a few days and with no indications she would have stayed long term.