Professor Anna Wolf appears in 6:2 The Secret of the Flame Tree. She is portrayed by Fiona Allen.


Professor Anna Wolf is the head of the English faculty at a British university. The Dean of the university was glowing in praise for her, and she is considered to be the star of the department. Anna is married to Doctor Oliver Wolf, and was Esther Monroe's tutor while she worked on her PhD. In her marriage to Oliver, her career came first. He had sacrificed his own academic career for her, so she allowed him to have discrete affairs with other women.

Anna organised a literary festival on Saint Marie at the Malbonne Estate which included noted Saint Marie author Sylvie Baptiste. During the festival, Esther Monroe's body is discovered at the base of a cliff. Initially it appears that Ether killed herself due to the presence of a suicide note, but DI Humphrey Goodman suspects murder. Anna is one of his suspects, but at the time the murder took place, Patricia Lawrence was giving a talk on Sylvie's book, The Flame Tree. Anna was sitting in the front row with her husband at the time in front of a hundred witnesses. During the course of the investigation, she revealed to DI Goodman that Esther was working on another chapter to her thesis, which was about the The Flame Tree.