Meditated in Murder is the sixth episode of Series 7 of Death in Paradise.

The leader of a spiritual retreat is strangled and Jack and his team are baffled by the fact that all their suspects were in a meditation circle at the time of the murder.

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The owner of Calming Breath Spiritual Retreat, Daniel Friend, is found strangled in the Contemplation Garden of the retreat. The suspects are his wife, Cressida Friend, and the guests of the retreat, Eva Ingram, Gabe Lee and Bryn Williams. It turns out that Gabe accuses Daniel to be responsible for Gabe's twin sister Ruth's suicide. Gabe added a sedative to Daniel's green tea at lunch, expecting Daniel would drown during his afternoon swim. When Gabe found Daniel unconscious, but alive, in the garden, Gabe strangled Daniel.

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Jack Mooney: So, what exactly happens at a "spiritual retreat"?
Florence Cassell: According to their website, it's a chance to reenergise your mind, body and spirit holistically.
Jack Mooney: Sounds exhausting, so how much will that set you back?
Florence Cassell: 2,000 a week.
Jack Mooney: 2,000? What, to have some hippy fella walking all over your back and sticking pins in your face? Really?
Dwayne Myers: They were on their way to something called the Contemplation Garden.
Jack Mooney: A Contemplation Garden?
Dwayne Myers: I know. I did ask, Chief. But, if I'm honest, I didn't really understand the answer.
Florence Cassell (trying to pronounce "Pwll" [sic: it's a Welsh village] correctly): Lives in London, but originally from, um, "Pwel" -- "Pwill" -- "Pywell", I'm sorry, how do you say that?
Jack Mooney: I've no idea. I'm Irish. Let's just say "Wales".
Jack Mooney: What do you look like when you take off your uniform?
Selwyn Patterson: Excuse me?
Jack Mooney: Could've put that better.

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