Murder Onboard ist the fifth episode of Series 2 of Death in Paradise.

The pressure is on for DI Richard Poole and his team to solve an audacious murder carried out in the presence of DS Bordey on a Caribbean party boat. Emotions are running high - can the inspector crack the case? And will he manage to make an emotional gesture to comfort his grieving friend?

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Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey is devastated when best friend Aimee Fredericks, a singer on a Caribbean party boat, collapses while on stage and dies in Camille’s arms, poisoned. Camille investigates despite her emotional state. Boat staff and tourists, including entertainment agent Stephen Morrison and jealous wife Eloise Morrison, plus the cook, Grant, and the waiter, RJ, are questioned. Photographs taken at the party, the singers' gargling bottles, a petal from an orchid and a beer bottle are clues for Detective Inspector Richard Poole.

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