Music of Murder is the seventh episode of Series 1 of Death in Paradise.

Richard sees the dark side of show business when a comeback concert ends in the most public of murders. If sun, sea and sand were not bad enough, he now has to conquer his fear of snakes to find the elusive killer.

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Solly, a band's lead singer, is murdered in a stage coffin on their comeback night after a ten-year split. Detective Inspector Richard Poole's investigation of the band, Solly's wife and a young female photographer make them all suspects.

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  • Bahia Carnival performed by M.B. Gordy
  • Wake Song performed by Lester Barnes
  • Blue Tropical performed by Dave James
  • Native Woman performed by Gregory Isaacs
  • Funky Kingston performed by Toots and The Maytals
  • Totally Tropical performed by Dave James
  • Baddest Ruffest performed by Backyard Dog
  • Denham Town performed by Winston and George
  • Leave The Theme Behind performed by The Wave Pictures
  • Voodoo Man performed by Vin Gordon and The Upsetters
  • Utrus Horas performed by Orchestra Baobab
  • Soul Scorcher performed by Carl Bryan
  • I A Rebel Soul performed by Aswad

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